3 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Hello This is the first time I have attended such at training session. LOVED IT! Very inspiring women and was great to have Hamersley girls there to go through it,t hey made it look easy. i coached some 10 year olds yesterday and began to impement the arms over and also the breaking down of the goal circle for defenders into the high and wide zones. This really resonated with them and we made some definate progress just with a short session. I’m coaching our 15 year olds on Thursday so am really looking forward to implementing these valuable tools. Would have been handy to have the notes from the beginning so we could jot down our own references and reminders. Down the road it would be great to be able to access these particular drills on a video/utube scenario. Not only beneficial for the coach but also to show players what it looks like etc. Great to be amongst passionate people thank you Deanne Parker Glen Forrest (Eastern Hills Netball Association)

  2. Not only did GBU reinforce what I have learned in other workshops but also gave me food for thought in other areas. A good way to start winter season.

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