Welcome to The Good The Bad and The Ugly of Coaching.  Sue Gaudion and Lyn Pemberton have joined forces and in doing so, bring together over 60 years of coaching experience.  Together, they will offer you opportunities to develop further your coaching knowledge and confidence, with their one day series of The Good The Bad and The Ugly of Coaching.  Engaging, entertaining, simplistic, logical, both Sue and Lyn will divulge their coaching secrets and assist you in understanding ‘The Art of Coaching’.Proudly sponsored by



PrintThis program is proudly endorsed by Netball WA, the governing body for Netball in Western Australia.


  1. The detail of the program on Sunday was really good. Thank you.
    I am just re-entering the coaching arena after a 6 year break and I found the content of the program very helpful.

  2. the course notes are great and very well presented …the explanations are really clear ..Im a visual girl so now i wont have to ask the girls ! I loved the defensive footwork idea and would have loved to use that in another drill situation eg goal ring
    its always great to get fresh ideas and drills . cheers

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